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Dear CKMA members,

For those of you who have attended classes during the summer months and are eligible for the next belt and rank promotion, we have scheduled the dates for all dojos.

We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the 2023 Seminar with Shihan Janine, 6th Dan from the UK, and take the test at the end of the seminar on Sunday, September 24th.

However, if you are unable to attend the seminar but have been consistently attending classes during the summer, you have the option to take the test at each dojo before the seminar.

Registration is now open on the Events page.

Here are the testing dates for each CKMA dojo:

  • CKMA Vaughan Dojo: Thursday, September 14th

  • CKMA Barrie Dojo: Friday, September 15th

  • CKMA Mississauga Dojo: Saturday, September 16th

We look forward to seeing you there!

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