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REPORT - 2023 Karate Kyokushin Seminar

On September 21-24, we had the honor of hosting a seminar with one of the highest-ranking and most qualified females in IFK Kyokushin, Shihan Janine Davies, 6th Dan, from Wales, UK. She is the chief kata referee for IFK, a very accomplished martial artist and competitor.

This seminar was planned immediately after the 2019 World Kata seminar and championship in the Netherlands, in which the Canadian team participated with its members and competitors. We knew right away that we must share this incredible experience with all our members in Canada. Unfortunately, due to the world pandemic, we had to postpone it multiple times.

We had over 70 participants from Canada and the USA, ranging from young white belts to senior 6th Degree Black Belts. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, which covered basics, forms, and fighting techniques. Shihan Janine is an exceptionally meticulous teacher, delving into the details of every single technique she teaches. She expects focus and discipline in return and always gives her 100% to demonstrate the correct execution.

At the end of the seminar, a grading was held for the ranks of black belt, and all three candidates successfully completed the testing. We hope that everyone learned valuable lessons and truly enjoyed the seminar. We are immensely grateful to Shihan Janine and Shihan Chris for the lessons, and we are committed to working on perfecting everything we have learned.

For more photos and videos please visit us on Facebook on the IFK Canada Media Page

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