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We are please to announce that CKMA and IFK Canada has gained two new black belts!

We present you Sempai Dany Krief 1st Dan and Sempai Pavel Patrushev 1st Dan from CKMA Vaughan Dojo. Roxana Trifan was also promoted to the rank of 1st Kyu brown belt.

The promotion was done at the 2022 IFK Canada Kyokushin Seminar in Mascouche QC, after 3 hours of basics and forms and 30 rounds of full-contact kyokushin fighting.

Congratulations for the new promotion Sempai Dany and Sempai Pavel!

Pavel's 30th fight

Dany's 30th fight

Also, we have received the official IFK Kyokushin black belts and certificates for Sempai Kyla and Sempai Connor, who also got promoted last year at the summer camp in Toronto.

Sempai Kyla and Sempai Connor are the first students who started as kids at CKMA and who achieved the rank of black belt!

Congratulations to both!

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