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Meet Roxana Trifan, our outstanding candidate for the Black Belt testing on September 24th at the 2023 Kyokushin Karate Seminar in Mississauga. Roxy is a mother of two and a dedicated professional who still finds time to train and excel in Karate.

She's our top Kata champion, consistently securing 1st place across North America. Roxana's known for her technical precision and unwavering commitment to Karate. She's been training for seven years at the Vaughan Dojo, never letting anything deter her – not even online sessions on Zoom, outdoor practices, or adverse weather conditions.

Roxy is ready for the challenging Karate Kyokushin Black Belt examinations, and I have no doubt she'll give it her all. As her instructor, I'm incredibly proud of her journey and achievements.

Roxana, you've got this! Keep up the great work! Shihan Steve. Osu!

IMPORTANT - There are still a few more spots left for the seminar in Mississauga , September 21-24 with Special Guest Shihan Janine Davies 6th Dan from Wales, UK.

Reserve your spot before it's too late HERE

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