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2023 KICKS - Report

I am very pleased for the incredible turnout we had at our 15th annual 2023 KICKS event. With 35 participants ranging from 4 and a half years old to those past their 50s, it was an impressive success! It was especially encouraging to see the high number of white belts and kids involved in the challenge, as they are the future of any dojo.

I am thankful to Senpai Mici, Senpai Oleg (Geminos Dojo), Senpai Dany and Seiji Ueda for assisting me in counting out the 2023 Kicks and for their hard work in making this event a positive experience.

Every participant gave it their best, even though some had doubts of whether they could complete it. Such events are an excellent way to bring students together and challenge ourselves beyond our everyday dojo training. In the end, we were all proud of our accomplishment and happy with our efforts. This is the spirit of martial arts!

I am truly humbled and honored to have been a part of this, and I promise to continue to lead and inspire our students in the future.


Shihan Steve.

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