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Team CKMA at the 2024 GOLD CUP

This weekend, we're heading to Montreal for the 2024 Gold Cup - Karate Kyokushin Tournament.

We've put in our best efforts to prepare, ready to challenge ourselves and measure our skills against others.

But what motivates us to accept this challenge?

There are many reasons why competition holds value: the journey to competition readiness, the dedication, the discipline, and the sacrifices we've made all contribute to transforming us into better versions of ourselves. The struggles, the triumphs, and the growth will shape our future selves. The experiences, memories, and friendships forged with teammates and competitors from different dojos are profound and lasting. The visible and significant physical and mental transformations will transform us into stronger individuals.

Regardless of the outcome, whether we win or lose, this tournament is just a step toward our ultimate goal of evolving into the best martial artists and human beings we can be.

Striving for greatness, health, and positive influence within our families and communities are noble aspirations we should all pursue.

Now, let's go out there and give it our all!

Go Team CKMA!


Team CKMA for 2024 GOLD CUP - Montreal, March 16:

  • Roxana Trifan - Kata Elite - CKMA Vaughan Dojo

  • Ueda Seiji - Kata Masters - CKMA Vughan Dojo

  • Aitan Krief - Kumite semi-contact juniors - CKMA Vaughan Dojo

  • Anatole Kondratenko - Kumite semi-contact kids - CKMA Vaughan Dojo

  • Eliyas Jamal - Kumite semi-contact kids - CKMA Vaughan Dojo

  • Thomas Warton-Hood - Kumite and Kata juniors - CKMA Mississauga Dojo

  • Jag Kang - Kumite semi-contact juniors - CKMA Mississauga Dojo

  • Robert Fogarasi - Kata kids - CKMA Barrie Dojo

  • Alexa Fogarasi - Kata kids - CKMA Barrie Dojo

Coaches: Shihan Steve Fogarasi, Senpai Mici Fogarasi and Senpai Dany Krief

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