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Meet our Instructors

Shihan Steve Fogarasi 5 Dan


Shihan 5th Dan
- Years of training in Martial Arts 35
- Years of teaching Karate Kyokushin 30
- Years of teaching K-1 Kickboxing 25

  Shihan Steve Fogarasi, holding a 5th Dan black belt, is a globally recognized and renowned instructor. As the owner and operator of Contact Kicks Martial Arts, Shihan Steve Fogarasi has played a pivotal role in the development of karate in his community.

His martial arts journey began in 1986 in Ludus, Romania, where Judo was the sole legal martial art under the communist regime. After six months of Judo, he transitioned to Shotokan Karate, training for two years.

At age 17, in Sibiu, he discovered Kyokushin Karate under Sensei Bradu Gheorghe, achieving the rank of 7 kyu, a blue belt.

Returning to Ludus at age 18 as the only blue belt holder in a town without karate dojos, Shihan Steve faced a dilemma. His solution was to open his own dojo, making history as the first Kyokushin Karate dojo in Ludus.

Twice a year, he attended national seminars and training camps, learning from esteemed masters such as Shihan Furko Kalman, Shihan Adamy Istvan, Shihan Somogyi Zsolt, Kancho Shokei Matsui, Sensei Kenji Yamaki, and Sensei Brezovai Sandor.

Starting his full-contact knock-down karate competition journey in 1992, Shihan Steve consistently excelled. He won 1st place at the regional championship and participated in over 20 events, frequently earning a spot on the podium.

His journey to higher ranks included testing for 1st Dan in 1996 in Szentes, Hungary, under Kancho Shokei Matsui. In 2001, he tested for 2nd Dan in Romania at the Black Sea Summer Camp, once again with Kancho Matsui.

In 2007, he received his 3rd Dan and the title of Sensei from Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan in Rochester, NY.

In 2015, Sensei Fogarasi attained his 4th Dan at the BKK Summer Camp, and in 2021, he was honored with the rank of 5th Dan and the title of Shihan by the board of directors.

Currently, Shihan Steve is teaching at three CKMA locations in Barrie, Vaughan and Mississauga. 



Sempai 2nd Dan
- Years of training in Martial Arts 16
- Years of teaching Karate Kyokushin 14
- Years of teaching K-1 Kickboxing 10

Holding a black belt 2nd Dan, Sempai Mici Fogarasi is the cofounder and instructor at Contact Kicks Martial Arts.


Sempai Mici Fogarasi began her training in 2006 in Denver CO USA, under Sensei Steve.

She has been training and teaching since then in both karate kyokushin and kickboxing.

Sempai Mici has competed in full-contact karate kyokushin tournaments in Rochester NY and Montreal, Canada.

She is very passionate about helping others succeed with their goals and healthy life choices. 


  • In 2011 she has received her 1st Degree Black Belt in Toronto ON - Sensei Steve Fogarasi 4th Dan

  • In 2019 she tested successfully for her 2nd degree black belt - Toronto ON - Sensei Steve Fogarasi 4th Dan



Sempai Dany Krief 1 Dan


Sempai 1st Dan
- Years of training in Martial Arts 40
- Years of training Karate Kyokushin 23


Sempai Dany has over 40 years of experience in many different types of martial arts.

He has started training at the age of 7 with karate and judo.

At the age of 18 he received his shodan in Shotokan Karate and at the age of 24 he received his nidan.

Also achieved brown belt In Judo.

Sempai Dany is a black belt 1st degree in the art of Kenpo-Jitsu, an Israeli martial art that is combined of full contact karate, judo and ground grappling.

He was two time Israeli champion under the age of 18 and two time Israeli champion as an adult in full contact.

Started learning Kyokushin Karate in 2000 and got third place in 2006 at the Open North American in Montreal.

Sempai Dany has joined CKMA in 2016 and achieved the rank of 1st degree black belt in July 2022 after a very demanding test of basics, forms and 30 rounds of full-contact kumite.


What others say about us

Alex Burnaru

Sensei Steve is one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, and fully dedicated martial artists and coaches that you would ever find. His no-nonsense philosophy is shaped by many experiences that he had, training, competing, and coaching. 

Tim Yee Lee

My children have learned invaluable life lessons from Sensei Steve and his dojo, Contact Kicks. They have been training in Kyokushin karate at this dojo for 4 years and the transformation in their confidence levels, discipline, physical agility and coordination is remarkable. Sensei Steve has taken 3 kids and turned them into champions both inside and outside of the dojo.
I highly recommend Sensei Steve and his dojo.

Chris Wharton-Hood

My son and I really enjoy training here. The classes are engaging and fun and suitable for me and my young son. Training partners are respectful and accommodating of each persons level and ability. Shihan Steve is extremely knowledgeable about Kyokushin and it’s a real privilege to learn from someone as highly ranked as him. This is all round great place to train and learn for all ages.

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