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Roxy Trifan - 1st Dan Black Belt

Congratulations Roxy Trifan for receiving the Official Black Belt 1st Dan and Certificate!

The new belt looks great on you, Roxy, but what's even more impressive is the level of skill and personal growth you've achieved. Whether you're wearing the belt or not, you should be incredibly proud of yourself.

A Dedication to Karate and the Dojo

I am very proud of you, Roxy, and your dedication to karate and our dojo. Your hard work and commitment are truly inspiring. As a Shihan 5th degree black belt in Karate Kyokushin with over 35 years of experience, I know firsthand the level of discipline, focus, and perseverance required to reach this level.

Embracing the Karate Lifestyle

Your journey in the martial arts has not only honed your physical skills but also your mental and emotional strength. Karate is more than just a sport - it's a way of life that teaches us to be better versions of ourselves. By embracing the karate lifestyle, you've not only grown as a martial artist but as a person.

Continuing the Tradition

I am honored to have you as a student at Contact Kicks Martial Arts, and I look forward to seeing you continue to excel in your karate journey. Keep up the great work, Roxy, and remember to always maintain the Kyokushin spirit of "Osu" - a word that embodies the values of perseverance, respect, and humility.

Congratulations once again on your accomplishment, and keep up the excellent work!


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