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REPORT - 2023 Breaking Seminar

Why learn breaking in Karate Kyokushin? Here are several reasons:

  1. Boost your confidence in your skills.

  2. Evaluate the correctness and efficiency of your strikes.

  3. Test the ability to focus your power.

  4. Develop skills to assess and manage risks.

  5. Cultivate harmony between your mind and body.

On November 18th, 30 students from CKMA and Geminos Dojos gathered for the 2023 Breaking Seminar in Mississauga. Participants gained expertise in breaking wooden boards using various strike techniques. The youngest participant was only 5 years old, while the oldest was over 50. Everyone enjoyed the experience, learning, and refining new skills. Check out some event photos below.

We look forward to welcoming more students next year for this fantastic opportunity.

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