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Current location CLOSING

Dear CKMA Members,

We would like to inform you about the present and the future of our dojo.

As you know we have been closed since March 16th when the province asked us to close our doors. We have transformed our website to provide video content for learning purposes.

Also we started teaching classes online through Zoom starting April 22nd.

Many members remained active and participated in our classes, but some decided to not participate and not renew their memberships. We understand it, we know it is a very difficult situation due to loss of revenue and other personal issues this situation has caused.

Our dojo had a 5 year lease that started in May 2015, a lease that was supposed to be renewed but due to the lock-down we were not able to maintain it open, and also securing a new location became a challenge due to not knowing when we will be allowed to reopen.

Our dojo will be closing its current physical location on May 31st, but we will continue with the online classes on Zoom with the normal schedule.

We are actively looking to secure a new space in the area and we are hoping to re-open our doors as soon as possible, maybe July or August.

We know that moments like this are very difficult and challenging for many. Individuals and businesses suffered great financial losses. We too lost tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and our rent was still demanded by our landlord, while we barely made any revenue from our remaining active paying members. The utility bills had to be paid as well during this time. We had a security deposit with our landlord which we lost due to rent coverage without active students.

As a business we did not qualify for the financial loan provided to closed businesses.

The reason we are sharing this with you all is to understand that now, more than ever we will need your support to keep CKMA going.

How can you help?

- By keeping your membership active and continuing your training online

- By purchasing CKMA merchandise from our website.

- By donating to our GoFundMe page that we have setup, which will provide funds needed to secure a new location and sign a new lease. Any amount will help.

We came so far since we opened our doors in 2010 and our members grew with us, some from the very first day to this day.

We have established ourselves as a reputable dojo in Canada, our competitors and instructors are top level. This is undeniable. We want to keep it this way!

As soon as we have the new space to reopen we will send emails out and share it on social media.

We are counting on your continuous support and help.

Our location might close but we are still OPEN!

Contact Kicks Martial Arts is you!


Sensei Steve and Senpai Mici

GoFundMe Page click HERE

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