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Aitan's Transformation Journey

Here is Aitan's journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

A short summary of the life changes that him and his father, Senpai Dany, implemented in the last 12 months.

  • Nutrition and Weight Management

At age 12, Aitan embarked on a lifestyle change, beginning with a nutrition plan that included a morning meal replacement shake, snacks, a proper lunch, and another shake for dinner. His eating habits were managed by serving food on smaller plates to control portions without eliminating any specific foods. Cheat days on weekends allowed for treats like burgers or pizza, while weekdays were reserved for home-cooked meals.

Over nine months, Aitan dropped from 70 kg to 45 kg.

  • Physical Training and Karate

Aitan's exercise routine involved Karate Kyokushin, three times a week, complemented by gym workouts, soccer, and basketball on other days. This mix of martial arts and other sports not only improved his fitness but also his mental well-being, leading to a boost in confidence.

  • Academic and Personal Development

The physical changes were mirrored by academic improvements and personal growth. Aitan's school performance soared, he engaged more in extracurricular activities, and he conquered his fear of public speaking. His newfound confidence transformed him from a shy boy into a proactive and outspoken individual.

  • Aitan's message to everyone looking for a lifestyle change:

- Perseverance and a positive mindset.

- Karate Kyokushin and active lifestyle.

- Healthy nutrition plan.

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