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ISAMU Basic Kyokushin Karate Gi

Teens/Adults Sizes 4-7 (Age 12 and up)


- Jacket of 10oz and 100% cotton canvas and the Pants 10oz 100% cotton

- Kyokushin kanji fully embroidered on the jacket in navy blue.

- The Kyokushinkai karate jacket has 3/4 sleeves

- Pants with traditional drawstring waist.


Please note…! Cotton is known for shrinking when washing at high tempatures.
104°F/40°C is the perfect tempature for washing your Karate suit.


This Karate suit is quite spacious, you may want to take this into consideration when you are going to order a new Karate suit.


Order sizeYour size
140 cm130-140cm
150 cm140 -150cm
160 cm150-160 cm
170 cm160-170 cm
180 cm170-180 cm
190 cm180-190 cm
200 cm190-200 cm
210 cm205-210 cm

Jacket: Length 6% shrinkage, width 3% shrinkage

Pants: Length 5% shrinkage, width 1% shrinkage

ISAMU Basic Kyokushin Gi - Teens/Adults

Excluding GST/HST
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