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Two new Black Belts at CKMA!

I am very pleased to introduce our two new black belts at CKMA and IFK Canada, Quinlan and Max, both aged 14. After nearly 8 years of dedicated training, they have successfully achieved their 1st Degree Black Belt. They began their journey at the Vaughan Dojo, where they immediately demonstrated great qualities such as discipline, focus, and dedication. Quinlan is a multiple gold medalist and our Kata champion in both Canada and the USA.

They have also helped as assistant instructors for over 4 years in our kids classes. These two young men are the ideal students, coachable and always willing to go the extra mile, no matter what they are asked to do. It is only natural that they have progressed to 1st Degree Black Belt. Quinlan now joins his siblings, Connor and Kyla, who are also black belts.

The testing lasted over 4 hours and included physical exercises, basics and forms, and 15 rounds of full-contact fighting. This achievement is not just significant for Quinlan and Max, but also for me as their teacher and for the entire dojo. I am incredibly proud of them, and I feel honored to have been part of their journey. I look forward to guiding them further down the road to success.

Congratulations, Quinlan and Max, on this remarkable achievement, and I would also like to thank their parents for their support throughout this long process. A full report of all testing sessions at our locations will be released soon. Lastly, congratulations to all our students who were promoted this weekend. Osu! Shihan Steve.

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