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Spring Testing Session

On March 19th and 20th the CKMA Spring Testing Session was held at the Barrie and Vaughan Dojos. Testing sessions are very important events for all karateka, leveling up to a new rank or belt, shows the dedication and commitment over the many months and years of practice.

At the Barrie Dojo we had four new students testing for their first ever rank and belt. Probably one of the most important steps in karate.

At the Vaughan dojo we had 16 students testing, kids and adults.

We also had Arman from Geminos Dojo when has tested for 9th Kyu.

Special mention to the new brown belts: Roxana, Amelie and Arno. Also Pavel tested for his last kyu. Next will be for black belt.

I am very happy and proud to see our students being so disciplined and steady in practice over this past year. All those who tested, have practiced since the pandemic started, on Zoom, outdoors in the parks and in-person when possible.

Congratulations to all!

Sensei Steve.


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