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UPDATE about training starting from Tuesday, September 1st.

Great News!

We have secured a sub-rent space for two days per week at the United Canadian Sambo Federation at Hwy 7 and Dufferin location in Vaughan, only about 12 minutes north from our old location.

The training times are:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 

- Kids from 7PM to 7:50PM

- Adults from 8PM - 9PM

- ZOOM Mixed Class - Saturday 11PM-12PM

(no Zoom sessions on Monday and Wednesday)

We have tried to keep the original schedule, but the time slots were not available.

For the time being this is the only available option. We are still very cautious about renting our own space due to the uncertain times. We will be sub-renting probably until the end of the year and we will re evaluate next year.

Also there is limited space, therefore the class size limited to a certain number. So far, all active members can attend the classes. Those without an active membership and willing to return to training will need to contact us for availability.


- Please do not participate in the training sessions if you are having cold or flu like symptoms (coughing, fever, runny nose, sneezing)

- Please enter the Dojo only 5 minutes prior training;

- Arrive ready for training in karate gi (no change-rooms) 

- Parents are not allowed to remain inside - Please wait outside.

- Please leave the premises immediately after the class is over

- Parents be ready to pick-up kids at 7:50PM sharp

- Kids are not allowed to remain inside after the class is over.

- Training will be done with physical distancing - No contact 


- If your membership expired, it can be renewed on our website by purchasing an Unlimited Membership Plan $99/month with a no term month-to-month direct withdrawal from credit card monthly until cancelled.

Simply sign-up to our website and purchase the membership.

Additionally you will have access to all video content and extra materials on the website.

- Members with expired memberships will not be granted access to classes!

For NON-ACTIVE members who wish to return please contact us for available spots prior purchasing a membership.

For more information or any questions please write back to us through email or social media.

We would like to thank you again for the continuous support and dedication.

The success and continuity of our dojo is decided by our common actions and goals!


Sensei Steve and Senpai Mici.




411 Bradwick Dr #11, Concord, ON L4K 2P4


416 7236221

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