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2019 CKMA Year In Review

December 22, 2019

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2019 CKMA Year In Review

December 22, 2019

Contact Kicks Martial Arts is delighted to share our year in review. 2019 had numerous achievements in testing, seminars, tournaments and in-house activities.


As just a few examples of our activities this year, we hosted seminars with International guest instructors and took part in many National and International events. Where our teams took place, we did Contact Kicks and IFK proud by continuously making the podium and demonstrating the strength and skills of the organization, under the leadership of Sensei Steve Fogarasi.


Here are a few of our highlights!


IFK Americas Cup



During the weekend of March 1-3, the IFK Canada Team lead by Sensei Steve Fogarasi and Assistant Coach Oleg Vainshtein, took part in the 1st IFK Americas Cup at the 43rd Battle of Columbus - Arnold Martial Arts World Games, Columbus Ohio, USA.



The team performed exceptionally, and the results reflect that:

Kata Individual

- Quinlan Van 1st Place

- Kyla Van 1st Place

- Connor Van 2nd Place

- Tony Wu 2nd Place 

Kata Teams

- Quinlan, Kyla, Connor 1st Place

Kumite Semi-contact

- Tony Wu 1st Place

Kumite Full-contact

- Pavel Patrushev 1st Place



Gold Cup 2019



April 27th CKMA members attended the 2019 Gold Cup Kyokushin Karate Tournament in Montreal. CKMA went with 12 competitors in both kids and adults, and all did extremely well while gaining more tournament experience.


CKMA official results at Gold Cup 2019:


Tony Woo - Kata 1st place, Kumite 1st place (semi-contact)

Ilya Brezhnev - Kumite 1st place (semi-contact)

Max Liberzon - Kumite 1st place (semi-contact)

Max Fligelman - Kumite 2nd place (semi-contact)

Ilan Shagaev - Full Contact Kumite 3rd place (full-contact)


Congratulations to all who won but also cheers for all competitors that represented our dojo with great honor.



IFK World Seminar - 5th Kata IFK World Championship




IFK Canada Team, made up of members of CKMA and Karate Laval, had the privilege to participate in the IFK World Seminar / 5th Kata IFK World Championship 2019, organized by the organizing committee of the IFK Netherlands. This IFK international event was held at the Athletic Sports Center of Papendal, Arnhem, Netherlands, from Wednesday, April 24 to Saturday, April 27, 2019. This enriching opportunity brought together more than 28 countries around the world for the seminar and 22 countries represented at the world championship.


There were more than 100 participants at the 5th IFK kata world championship. The IFK Canada delegation was represented by Sensei Steve Fogarasi (coach and country representative), along with CKMA students, Kyla, Connor and Quinlan Van, who participated in the seminar and competition. 


IFK Canada had the youngest team with Connor being the youngest in the boys juniors division at age 12 and Kayla the 2nd youngest girls juniors division at age 14. Also Quinlan was the youngest participant at the seminar at age 10 only. Kyla place 12 and Connor ranked in the top 16! Well done!




4th Kyokushin Karate Seminar 2019 with Shihan Eddy Gabathuller



In May we attended the 4th Kyokushin Karate Seminar at Karate Laval, with special guest instructor Shihan Eduard (Eddy) Gabathuler 7th Dan, the national representative of IFK Switzerland, was organized by IFK Vice President Sensei Jonathan C. Hemond of Karate Laval, and sponsored by IFK Canada. We welcomed more than 75 participants and took place May 16th to 19th.


During the seminar testing to place for many Kyu ranks, not to mention the new black belt graduates.


A special event was also the promotion and awarding 6th Dan for Shihan Real Gagnon and Shihan Gaetan Sauve by Sensei Steve Fogarasi.




OSS Inter club kickboxing sparring



 The CKMA Team participated at the OSS (Ontario Standup Strikers) Inter club sparring event hosted by Twin Dragon North in Markham, Ontario.



NEW Women's Fitness Kickboxing Classes



June had the announcement of a new Women’s Fitness Kickboxing Class, led by Mici Fogarasi - 1st Degree Black Belt (now 2nd Degree) in Karate Kyokushin with 13 years experience and 10 years experience in teaching kickboxing and karate.


As a mother of 2 little kids ages 5 and 1, Mici finds a way to train 2-3 times a week and teach 2 times a week and she hopes that she can help and inspire other women to stay fit and active while managing a busy career and family life.


Check site for schedule.



2019 IFK Canada Kyokushin Karate Seminar



September 6-8, 2019, IFK Canada Headquarters - Contact Kicks Dojo, led by President and Country Representative Sensei Steve Fogarasi, hosted a seminar with Special Guest Shihan Alexey Gorokhov, 5th Dan Russia IFK.


Shihan Alexey Gorokhov is a member of the head referring comity of IFK Russia, Head of the methodology comity of the professional league of Kyokushin in Russia, with many students who are top 3 and champions of Russian, Euro and World tournaments. His own accomplishments are well known, and include:


- Champion of Russia (99, 03, 04, 13).

- Russian Cup Champion (01,06)

- European Cup Champion

- World Cup Champion no weight division in Japan

- North American Champion


We had over 60 participants from Toronto, Laval, Montreal, and the United States.


His seminar was methodically put together, with one class a prerequisite for the following class and one building to the next, which ultimately culminated with the last day focusing on how to put the principles together in Kumite.


Everyone was extremely impressed by this true master of Kyokushin, his abilities and knowledge, great teaching methods, and not to mention a true gentleman who is approachable and friendly and performs all examples with a smile.



GTA Classic Jiu-jitsu Tournament

 Congrats Zev for bronze medal at the 2019 GTA Classic Jiu-jitsu competition, which was held in September, representing Contact Kicks!



29th American-International Karate Championships



October 19th, competitors from Contact Kicks Dojo Toronto, the Headquarters for IFK Canada attended the 29th Annual American-International Karate Championships in Rochester NY, organized by USA IFKK.


Our team had 12 members, 9 competitors in both divisions, kata and kumite, 1 assistant coach and photographer Oleg Vainshtein and IFK Canada President Steve Fogarasi as head coach and country representative.





 - Pavel Patrushev 1st kumite semi-contact; 2nd kata

 - Tony Wu 1st kata

 - Roxana Trifan 1st kata

 - Mici Fogarasi 4th kata

 - Daniel Zelentsov 2nd kumite semi-contact



 - Robert Fogarasi 2nd kata

 - Quinlan Van 1st kata, 2nd kumite

 - Connor Van 1st kata

 - Kyla Van 1st kata, 2nd kumite

 - Van Family - 2nd in family kata division







In October we added a new Submission Grappling class with Coach Vitaliy Akudovich. Coach Vitaliy’s classes have become very popular in a short time, and the feedback has been great! He comes with a very impressive background:


- Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt under Professor Robson Moura

- 7 years Experience


Competition Experience:

-  2016 Nogi Provincials Purple belt division - 1st place

-  2016 Nogi Provincials Absolute Purple belt - 2nd place

-  2018 Nogi Provincials heavy weight Purple belt division - 1st place

-  2018 Nogi Provincials Absolute Purple belt - 3rd place

-  2019 Nogi Provincials Absolute Brown/Black belt - 3rd place






The last competition for 2019 completed with two 1st places and three 2nd places at the 23rd Shinkyokushin Tournament in Laval, QC.



- Roxy 2nd (kata)

- Pavel 1st (kumite)

- Daniel 1st (kumite)
- Zahin 2nd (kumite)

- Arseny 2nd (kumite)








The last event to close out the year were Kyokushin Karate testing for Kyu Belts and Dan Ranks. Kids testing were held December 8th, and Adults December 15th.


The Adults testing ran all day, ending in the afternoon with Kumite (fighting) for those testing in higher kyu ranks, and those testing for Shodan. As well as our own Senpai Mici Fogarasi who tested for her Nidan.


- Kyu ranks fought 10 rounds

-1st Degree Black Belt - Shodan 30 rounds

- 2nd Degree Black Belt - Nidan 40 rounds


1st Degree Black Belt (Shodan) were awarded to Sergei Fukuro, Scott Heaney, Oleg Vainshtein and Alex Burnaru. Mici Foarasi receiving her 2nd Degree Black Belt (Nidan)



Wrap up and the Year Ahead!



As you can see from this small sampling, it’s been an amazing year for CKMA! This is a direct result of you, the students, the family, of CKMA. As that is what we are, family. You all contribute to the growth and success of CKMA, and it wouldn’t be possible without you all.


2020 will be even better, with many activities, seminars, and tournaments to come. We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year as we continue our success both in the dojo, and at events and tournaments.


From all the staff and coaches of CKMA,

Happy Holiday’s and a Very Happy New Year!

See you all in 2020!




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