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December 22, 2019

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The BENEFITS of Martial Arts training for athletes of various sports

June 15, 2018

 Sensei Steve Fogarasi


4th Degree Black Belt

Karate Kyokushin


- Owner and Operator at Contact Kicks Martial Arts in Vaughan ON

- 30 years experience in Martial Arts

- 25 years experience in teaching kids and adults

- 15 years experience in one-on-one private fitness and kickboxing training

- 12 year competition experience in Karate, Romanian National Champion

- Full-time instructor for all karate and kickboxing programs at Contact Kicks in Vaughan



  Many amateur and professional athletes choose to improve their performance by cross training in various other sports. One option can be training in Martial Arts.

There are many examples out there such as football and soccer teams being helped by karate masters to develop better balance and coordination. Also celebrities and movie stars choose martial arts training to get fit and release stress. It can also be used for fight scene preparation.


Here are the Top 5 Benefits for any athlete cross training in Martial Arts:


1.Posture and Stances


– One of the first and most important aspects of any martial arts training are Postures and Stances. Even before kicking and punching, one must learn the correct body alignment and center of gravity placement.


2.Balance and Flexibility


– Proper execution of any karate techniques can't be done without balance. Balance is a key factor to all movements, regardless of its nature: linear or circular, hard or soft. Loss or lack of balance diminishes the hard work that was already done to master any move. All kicks in Martial Arts require a high level of flexibility; therefore, developing it is a must.


3.Coordination and Timing


– Any athlete or competitor has the goal of performing at their highest level. A well-coordinated movement executed with the right timing has the maximum efficiency.




– Mental and Physical – In any sport or physical activity, Martial Arts training included, repetition is used to perfect a certain move. Hundreds or even thousands of executions are needed until the proper technique can be achieved. This is only possible if focus is maintained at all times, and the mind and body works together as one.


5.Strength and Conditioning


– Last but not least, our body needs to be strong and fit in order to execute any movement at high intensity and speed. The rate of injuries are also lowered by developing the strength necessary to perform the given movement.




“In my 30 years of karate practice, I was faced with many difficult situations: mentally and physically. Karate helped me to overcome those obstacles.

Developing a strong, fit, and healthy body was always a priority for me. From a skinny 12-year-old boy with asthma, I built myself up to become a National Champion and a Martial Arts School owner. Now I dedicate my time to help others reach their highest potential, positively influencing their time in training and in their lives.

There is nothing more rewarding for me, than to see my students achieve their goals and excel in whatever field they are in.

I hope to be able to help many more students in the future and share my knowledge and experience as long as I live.”


Sensei Steve Fogarasi


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