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Our team participated with six competitors at the 2023 BUDO GIANT COMPETITION in Montreal on October 28th. The results were excellent, especially considering the size of our team, and the fact that half of them were participating in their first competition.

What's important is that all competitors performed exceptionally well. Even though they didn't win trophies, they displayed confidence, composure, and excellent physical preparation. Everyone learned from this experience and will undoubtedly perform even better next time. Most importantly, we had a lot of fun, and everyone returned home safely.

Here are the results:

- Sempai Dany secured 1st place in kumite semi-contact

- Jag achieved 1st place in semi-contact

- Robert took 2nd place in kata

- Alexa also claimed 2nd place in kata

- Andrew finished in 4th place in semi-contact

- Aitan didn't place, but he fought hard and will return even stronger next time. Congratulations to all for representing CKMA with honor and dignity.


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