Serious Contenders Wanted!

CKMA is building a Fight Team (kids & adults) for various combat sports events, from Kyokushin Karate to Kickboxing events, ranging from Muay Thai to Dutch style Kickboxing (Glory, K1) rules. Also Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions . You can choose one type of event to compete in, two or all of them.


To qualify you must be able to attend all classes in the programs you wish to compete at CKMA (Kyokushin, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) and be willing to sign an agreement as a CKMA Fight Team member!

The monthly membership fee will be waived and we will give you support for all the events!


We already have fighters and competitors who have won accolades, medals and belts in Kyokushin Karate and BJJ. We now want to build upon this success to form a tight and successful competition team.


For the competitor, training is an investment and not a cost. You must be dedicated, hard working, receptive and ready to commit to a training timetable. The match outcome will determine if your investment paid off.

With the competition team-training package, you will receive:


  • Free access to all classes

  • Free access to competition team training sessions

  • Free strength and conditioning training

  • Fight match-ups and corner support

  • Free travel and lodging for events

  • Free entry for events ( registration fee waived )

At CKMA, competition is never a requirement, but for the dedicated few who wish to put their skills against opponents on the mat, we are building the competition team. Your place on this team must be earned through hard work and determination.


Fight Team practices are physically and mentally demanding and include: sparring, intense sport-specific conditioning exercises, advanced technical development, and drilling.


Members of this elite team train as if they are preparing for a fight, whether one is scheduled or not. Due to the intense level of training, students must either try out or be invited to the team in order to participate in these sessions.


Ready to take your martial arts competitions seriously?
Think you have what it takes to train hard, compete and win?




Read what our students have to say about our classes and instructors :

We really lucked-out in finding this place for our kids. Sensei Steve does not give "participation trophies" and makes everyone deserve their achievements. Our kids come home physically tired, but excited about what they did during practice.
Also, we appreciate immensely the teachings and requirements for everyone, like keep your gi clean, show respect for others, understand that you advance through hard work and don't get a free ride.

Mircea Trifan (father of Sophie and Eva)


1520 Steeles Ave W  Unit 119

Vaughan, ON L4K 3B9 

Phone: 416-723-6221




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1520 Steeles Ave W, Unit 119, Vaughan, ON L4K 3B9  -, 416 723 6221

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